Balanced Scorecard Implementation Guide

The most critical part of the Balanced Scorecard concept is implementation stage. We compiled a Balanced Scorecard implementation toolkit for you that you can get right now absolutely free.

Download step-by-step Balanced Scorecard implementation guide for FREE

Implement Balanced Scorecard

When you have your Balanced Scorecard with winning KPIs, cascading and strategic maps the next goal is to make all these part working for your business. The BSC Implementation Toolkit is a ready-to-use guides and instructions that you can apply to your business right now.

Inside BSC Implementation plan and guide

Inside you will find:

  • how-to-implement-bsc.pdf where you will learn about preparing for Balanced Scorecard, role charting, preparing implementation plan and choosing right automation solution;
  • bsc-survey-D9FGF4.pdf includes checklist and questions that you start asking from the very beginning of the implementation process to make sure everything is going on smoothly. You will find out if your company and your employees are ready for implementation, if the balanced scorecard is being implemented successfully, if implemented balanced scorecard actually works for your company;
  • bsc-company-chart.pdf includes compiled in a one place opinions of experts, step-by-step algorithms, that explain how to integrate Balanced Scorecard in business processes of the company.

Inside this free guide: Are you ready for Balanced Scorecard?

Before starting expensive and time consuming process of Balanced Scorecard implementation find out if your team has all necessary information and tools to start implementing Balanced Scorecard.

Free Balanced Scorecard readiness survey includes 3 major parts:

  1. Balanced Scorecard as a concept. In this part you will answer basic questions about Balanced Scorecard to find out if you know enough about this concept.
  2. Readiness of implementation plan. The questions in this section will help you to understand if you implementation plan is detailed enough.
  3. Results of implementation. The last part includes questions to find out if Balanced Scorecard was successfully implemented in your company.

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